We have an extensive portfolio of highly integrated sensor systems for numerous applications.


Micro Weather Sensor™ (MWS™)

The MWS is a low-cost, lightweight, ruggedized, highly integrated unattended ground sensor (UGS) capable of being deployed globally in remote or denied locations for meteorological monitoring to improve situational awareness.

For more information, contact Ben Self 310.755.0206.

Advanced Micro Weather Sensor

The Advanced Micro Weather Sensor, much like the MWS™, condenses all weather observation capabilities into a single compact package weighing three and a half pounds but it features a micro LIDAR component for cloud height measurement.

For more information, contact Ben Self 310.755.0206.


Maritime Deployable Weather Sensor

We have developed a maritime deployable weather sensor which integrates miniature weather sensor electronics with proven, low-cost deployable buoy systems to provide sea temperature, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind velocity and direction, and sea state.

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Ballistic Meteorological Sensor

The Ballistic Meteorological Sensor is a meteorological sensing unit that measures local weather parameters for use in improving ballistics fire control accuracy and for support of network data sharing while mounted to the exterior of a ground vehicle.

For more information, contact Mark Thompson 636.284.4124.


Real-Time Flood Forecasting and Reporting

Our Real-Time Flood Forecasting and Reporting units reports water levels under continuous solar-and-battery power and communicates with nearby nodes via wireless mesh digital radio. This flood inundation sensor monitors waterway levels and detects flash floods for transportation safety. It is also tied to the Internet of Things (IoT) (Internet of Things) for instant alerts.

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