Our aircraft display products feature a Large Area Display with Ultra-High Definition 4k video and a head-mounted display with near-eye displays for augmented reality. Other display capabilities include flash blindness eye-protection and digital night vision solutions.


Large Area Display

Our cockpit display takes advantage of the recent revolutions in display technology including higher resolutions and corresponding smaller pixel pitches, as well as contrast and color gamut enhancement techniques.

Video Display Terminal

Our Video Display Terminal is a systems operator display that is backwards compatible with legacy XGA resolution format displays. It boasts a modular design and supports avionics open architecture which allows for future growth and compatibility.


Control Display Unit

Our Control Display Unit utilizes a high-bright, high-contrast display for readability in peak daylight conditions, while also offering true color and full dimming capability in night more for NVG compatibility. This display also features fully ruggedized and removable keyboards for increased modularity on order to reduce sustainment costs.

Multi-Function Display

Our Multi-Function Display provides full-color graphics rendering, operator controls, and high resolution display for rugged military applications (ground or airborne). Multiple configurable soft keys can be used to display information to the user in numerous ways to work with current or future platforms.


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